Polyphylla U.S.A
Polyphylla Harris 1842

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Tribu Melolonthini

Some Polyphylla from USA

Polyphylla cavifrons
(Le Conte, 1854)
(Coll. et photo Robyn Waayers)

Polyphylla decemlineata
(Say, 1824)

Polyphylla diffarcta
(Casey, 1891)

Polyphylla erratica
(Hardy et Andrews, 1978)

Polyphylla hammondi
(LeConte, 1856

Polyphylla monahansensis
(Hardy and Andrews, 1978)
(Coll. et photo Robyn Waayers)

Polyphylla occidentalis
(Linnaeus, 1767)

Polyphylla pottsorum
(Hardy et Andrews, 1978)


Polyphylla variolosa
 (Hentz, 1830)

Polyphylla (Harris, 1842). List from USA :

Polyphylla aeola: La Rue, 1998 (Polyphylla)

Polyphylla anteronivea: Hardy and Andrews, 1978 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla arguta: Casey, 1914 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla avittata: Hardy and Andrews, 1978 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla barbata: Cazier, 1938 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla brownae: Young, 1986 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla cavifrons: LeConte, 1854 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla comes: Casey, 1914 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla crinita: LeConte, 1856 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla decemlineata: Say, 1824 (Melolontha)
Polyphylla devestiva: Young, 1966 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla diffracta: Casey, 1891 (Polyphylla) 

Polyphylla donaldsoni: Skelley, 2003 (Polyphylla) 

Polyphylla dubia: Hatch, 1972 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla erratica: Hardy and Andrews, 1978 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla gracilis: Horn, 1881 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla hammondi: LeConte, 1856 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla hirsuta: Van Dyke, 1933 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla mescalerensis: Young, 1988 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla modulata: Casey, 1914 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla monahansensis: Hardy and Andrews, 1978 (Polyphylla) 

Polyphylla multimaculata: Hardy, 1981 (Polyphylla)

Polyphylla nigra: Casey, 1914 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla nubila: Van Dyke, 1947 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla occidentalis: Linnaeus, 1767 (Scarabaeus

Polyphylla  petitii: Guérin-Méneville, 1844 (Melolontha)

Polyphylla pottsorum: Hardy and Andrews, 1978 (Polyphylla) 

Polyphylla pubescens: Cartwright, 1939 (Polyphylla)

Polyphylla ratcliffei: Young, 1986 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla rugosipennis: Casey, 1974  (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla sobrina: Casey, 1914 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla squamiventris: Cazier, 1939 (Polyphylla) 

Polyphylla starkae: Skelley, 2009 (Polyphylla)

Polyphylla stellata: Young, 1986 (Polyphylla)
Polyphylla variolosa: Hentz, 1830 (Melolontha)

Polyphylla wooddruffi: Skelley, 2005 (Polyphylla)